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AABB Accredited
Tuesday, 28 March 2017
The first and largest family Umbilical Cord Blood and Tissue Bank in Cyprus.

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AABB Accredited
European Business Awards 2014-15
Lifeline, Winner of the Cyprus Innovation Award - Services Sector 2010

Company Profile

C.B.B. Lifeline Biotech Ltd. (Lifeline) is the first umbilical cord stem cells bank that was incorporated in Europe (UK) back in 1994 and has been operating as a regional bank with headquarters in Cyprus, since 2002. Processing, testing and cryopreservation of cellular therapy products takes place in Lifeline's purpose built premises in Nicosia.


Lifeline, as an AABB Accredited family bank provides expectant parents in Cyprus, European countries, the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region the opportunity to save this proven to be a lifesaving biological material.


Carefully designed logistics are established for the safe and timely delivery of samples received from the immediate regions where Lifeline offers its service, to offer maximum viability and quality of the cellular therapy products.


Lifeline was established by prominent scientists with a shared vision, to achieve the best in cryopreservation services for the banking of umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells of newborns.


Lifeline's Scientific Advisory Board is comprised by internationally renowned Professors that support and guide the company’s medical and professional staff, which consists of a team of experienced laboratory scientists.


Lifeline’s long term commitment in offering the highest possible quality of service is evidenced by the following Accreditations:

  1. Cellular Therapy Products Laboratory bears a CYS EN ISO 15189:2012 standard for medical laboratories - particular requirements for quality and competence for a specified scope
  2. AABB International Accreditation of the comprehensive Quality Management System

Following the introduction of the national legislation (Law 187(I) 2007) concerning the standards and quality of cells and tissues, Lifeline has been granted a License to operate as a Tissue Centre by the Ministry of Health which is reviewed every two years following inspection and accreditation.


Lifeline carries Professional Indemnity Insurance: The professional indemnity insurance by a leading specialist in professional risk covers the offered services with one million per case and constitutes recognition and assurance of Lifeline’s professionalism and quality of the service offered.


Lifeline is committed to an ongoing evaluation and adoption of more efficient systems in order to continuously provide the highest possible quality by using the latest technologies in testing and cryopreservation of the units.

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