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Tuesday, 28 March 2017
The first and largest family Umbilical Cord Blood and Tissue Bank in Cyprus.

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AABB Accredited
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Umbilical Cord Tissue


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Further to the Umbilical Cord Blood collection and banking services, Lifeline also provides the banking service of the Stem Cells that derive from Cord Tissue itself. Umbilical Cord Tissue consists a rich source of Mesenchymal Stem Cells that have the ability to differentiate or "produce" other cell types of the human body. Mesenchymal’s ability to differentiate led to the use of these particular Stem Cells in researches in the fields of Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering, Gene Therapy and also in researches exploring their use in Cancer Therapies.


Lifeline’s Research and Development Department in close collaboration with British Educational Institutions and a reputable German Research and Biotech organization achieved to develop an innovative methodology which results in the dissociation of the individual Stem Cells that constitute the Cord Tissue.


With this unique method Lifeline preserves the tissue at cellular level (individual Stem Cells) instead of segmented cord tissue (small pieces of the tissue) fact that contributes significant advantages in comparison to other practices. Furthermore, the two types of Stem Cells contained inside the Umbilical Cord Tissue are distinguished and the Mesenchymals Stem Cells are stored separately from the Endothelial Stem Cells.


Lifeline is the first Stem Cells bank globally that provides TWO novel cellular therapy products as a single package "Umbilical Cord Tissue Service". Lifeline’s methodology has been filed for International Patent.



LFLN REF 16.10.2013 136

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