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Sunday, 19 April 2015
The first and largest family Umbilical Cord Blood and Tissue Bank in Cyprus.

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AABB Accredited
European Business Awards 2014-15
Lifeline, Winner of the Cyprus Innovation Award - Services Sector 2010
Lifeline, Winner of Cyprus Innovation Award - Services Sector 2010

Welcome to Lifeline!

The only Family Stem Cells Bank in Cyprus granted International Accreditation Standards for Cellular Therapy Product Services



Continuous Investment in Science

We pioneer in the Stem Cells services and thanks to the endorsement of thousands of families that trusts Lifeline, we engage to constantly improve and upgrade our services. Our target since Lifeline’s establishment is the continuous investment in science, technology and technical knowledge. All Lifelines' procedures concerning the cord blood services are accredited by the AABB organization based on the AABB International Standards for Cellular Therapy Product Services.



Financially Stable & Sound

Lifeline’s continuous investments in education, the practice of the latest laboratory equipment, the encouragement of collaboration and the recognition of the professional indemnity we ought towards the parents, consequent the expansion of Lifeline’s operations in neighboring European countries, the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Region.


Lifeline provides parents the most affordable services fees with flexible payment plans adjustable to everyone’s individual needs.



Life-Kit for Secure Collection and Transportation

Grounded on our extensive experience Lifeline developed the Life-Kit for the collection of the cord blood and tissue samples. Each Life-Kit collection box bears a unique tracking code which contributes to the unit’s traceability, including the biological materials viability, from the moment of the procurement until the moment of the reception at Lifeline's state-of-art laboratory premises in Cyprus.



Biosafe Sepax for Superior Recovery of Cord Blood Stem Cells

Cell separation of the cord blood units is conducted with Biosafe Sepax, a fully automated method which results in the recovery of more viable cells and increases the chances of the unit’s application in case of need.



Pioneering in Cord Tissue Banking

Lifeline is the only Stem Cells bank that stores individual cells rather than small pieces of the umbilical cord tissue. Lifeline implementation of this innovative methodology for the processing and banking of the cord tissue holds significant advantages comparing to other practices.

The innovation is based upon 2 basic parameters:

  • Dissociation of the tissue into individual cells
  • Separation & independent banking of both the types of stem cells located at the umbilical cord tissue (Mesenchymal & Endothelial Stem Cells)


Lifeline was privileged for the scientific protocol design with the Cyprus Innovation Award in the field of services.



LLREF 16.10.2013 132

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Regenerative Medicine

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Stem Cell Harvest for the Future

FDA-Regulated Study of Cord Blood Stem Cells to Treat Acquired Hearing Loss Launches



Stroke/Brain Injury

Did cord blood banking save this baby from brain damage?


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