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Tuesday, 28 March 2017
The first and largest family Umbilical Cord Blood and Tissue Bank in Cyprus.

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Media and Video News

Umbilical Cord Blood Bank to Fight HIV and AIDS

Worldwide, there are approximately 37 million people living with HIV, including more than 2 million children. South Africa is at the epicenter of this global scourge, with 1 in 5 people infected with HIV (AVERT, 2014).


Hospital celebrates 100th blood cord transplant

After being diagnosed with leukemia at 1½ years old, Joshua Ibarrientos underwent chemotherapy on and off for six years. When he relapsed for the third time, his doctors decided to try a cord blood transplant.


Stem Cell Therapies in Clinical Trials: Progress and Challenges

Stem cell therapies have been expected to bring substantial benefit to patients suffering a wide range of diseases and injuries. It was expected that the benefits of bone marrow transplants for patients needing reconstruction of their hematopoietic and immune systems would apply to stem cell transplants of other cell types, and optimism has been high for the utilization of pluripotent stem cell types (embryonic stem cells [ESCs] and induced pluripotent stem cells [iPSCs]) for a variety of applications.


Umbilical Cord Blood May Contain the Next Eczema Treatment

Although preclinical trials have shown that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are therapeutically effective against atopic dermatitis, actual clinical studies had not yet confirmed it – until now. MSCs are typically found in bone marrow, but it can be isolated from other locations such as the fallopian tube, fetal liver, fetal lung, and even from umbilical cord blood.


Could umbilical cord blood provide hope for children with autism?

A new treatment using cord blood stem cells to treat autism could offer hope to families of children living with the neuro-developmental disorder, which currently has no known cure.


Birthing new skin with Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

Dr. Phan holding his proprietary mixture of proteins and sugars that keeps umbilical cord tissue alive. He discovered the use of stem cells in umbilical cord lining in making cells for the skin, cornea, bone and other body parts.


Haploidentical Transplantation Explanatory Video

Physician-scientists at Johns Hopkins have developed a procedure called a half-matched bone marrow transplant that has been successful in “curing” patients of some cancers and blood disorders like sickle cell anemia...


What You Should Know About Cord Blood Banking

This short video from ConsumerAffairs explains how cord blood is collected, processed and stored.


Storing stem cells of a newborn baby is like giving him a self-repair kit

Every now and then, I hear friends talk about stem cells. I had no inkling what it was about and why some people paid money to have their stem cells to be stored in special storage banks. Anyway, I was not interested to know...


Stem Cell MS Patients Lead Normal Life Thanks to aHSCT Procedure

People with MS who were involved in a long-term clinical trial are out and about enjoying a full and normal life with no signs of the disease. This follows their recovery from the stem cell transplants involving aggressive chemotherapy, or aHSCT as the procedure is known.


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